Professional Sewer and Drain Cleanup

Professional Sewer and Drain Cleanup

Receive same-day service in Chanhassen, Edina & Bloomington, MN

When you notice that something isn't right with the pipes in your Chanhassen, MN home, call the drain and sewer experts. Clog B Gone uses a quick and easy process to minimize the stress and hassle for you. We will arrive same-day to diagnose and solve your sewer or drain problem. You can also depend on us to clean your drains and sewer to prevent future clogs.

Depending on the clog, we can often use standard drain cleaning tools, such as high-pressure water jets, to clear it out. Our camera inspection technology also helps us figure out what's causing a more difficult or hidden clog. Your drains or main sewer line might be clogged if you notice that:

  • Your toilets are backing up
  • Your drains are making a gurgling sound
  • Two or more plumbing fixtures are overflowing simultaneously
  • There's standing water around the floor drain in the basement

Drain and sewer clogs can quickly turn into messy and complicated problems, so call Clog B Gone as soon as you notice one of these clues. Also serving Edina, MN and Bloomington, MN.

Trust the drain and sewer experts

Clog B Gone has many years of experience cleaning and unclogging drains and sewers. We've seen it all and can diagnose what's going on with your drain or sewer line quickly and efficiently. Unclogging drains is our specialty, so don't try to do it yourself-call Clog B Gone today.Also serving Edina, MN and Bloomington, MN.