Keep Your Chanhassen, Edina or Bloomington, MN Home Dry

Depend on our professional sump pump repair services

When you take a trip down to your basement and notice a flood, you don't have to panic. Clog B Gone can arrive at your house in no time to repair or replace your sump pump on site. We can diagnose the problem and advise whether it can be fixed or if you need a new, high-quality sump pump. A sump pump keeps your home's foundation dry, so don't leave your home susceptible to water damage. It can lead to mold buildup, which can allow dangerous toxins to enter your home.

Also serving Edina, MN and Bloomington, MN.

Don't ignore your sump pump

Don't ignore your sump pump

Proper maintenance and repairs on your sump pump are necessary to keep it working properly. A flood is an obvious sign that your sump pump needs repairs, but there are other small clues you want to look for. You might need sump pump repair or replacement if:

  • You notice standing water in your basement
  • Your basement smells like mildew
  • Your sump pump is making weird noises
  • The sump pump switch is stuck

Call Clog B Gone at (612) 616-2473 the next time your sump pump starts acting up. We will arrive same-day and solve the problem quickly and efficiently. Also serving Edina, MN and Bloomington, MN.