Drain Cleaning Golden Valley, MN

send your clogs down the drain


Keep your Drains dreamy

stop water damage before it starts

Clogged drains can cause pipes to crack and burst, which leads to serious water damage. If you want to avoid water damage and keep your pipes running smoothly, call Clog B Gone for routine drain cleanup services. You can rely on our professional plumbers to:


Remove food and oils from your kitchen sink


Take out your hair and soap scum from bathroom sinks & tubs


Minimize the risk of your drains overflowing or damaging other pipes

Your drains or main sewer line might be clogged

if you notice that:

  • Your toilets are backing up

  • Your drains are making a gurgling sound

  • Two or more plumbing fixtures are overflowing simultaneously

  • There's standing water around the floor drain in the basement

Ken contacted me minutes after I clicked submit to look for a company to clear a clogged floor drain in my laundry room. And this was 10:00 at night. We set up a 10:00 appointment for the next day and he arrived early (I told him I work from home so that is why arrived before the appointment time). Ken and his assistant were polite, quick, and effective.
Dack | Minneapolis, MN